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Midwest Grid School 2008 @UChicago

Yey! Malapit na malapit lang 🙂 More information about the program and registration information is found in its OSG Page. Workshop dates from Sept 17-19.

The Open Science Grid (OSG), the TeraGrid and the Computation Institute of The University of Chicago present a three day intensive course in grid computing and its application to scientific discovery.

The course introduces the techniques of grid and distributed computing for science and engineering fields, with hands-on training in the use of national grid computing resources. The workshop introduces essential skills that will be needed by researchers in the natural and applied sciences, engineering, and computer science to conduct and support large-scale computation and data analysis in emerging grid and distributed computing environments.

School participants will work with grid computing experts during the 3-day training. The workshop will focus on enabling the use of the national cyberinfrastructure –The Open Science Grid and TeraGrid– to perform large-scale computations and data-intensive processing in the your field of research. Participants will learn to use grids of thousands of processors and will be able to continue to use these resources for their research after the class. We encourage you to bring your research project to us for suggestions and help in porting your application to the grid. We would like to offer you support in transitioning your application to this platform.


International Symposium on Grid Computing 2008

Official photo of ISGC2008

Last April 7-11, I went to the International Symposium on Grid Computing together with Dr. Raffy Saldana. We presented our current work on health and environmental applications of grid computing for the EUAsiaGrid kick-off meeting. Aside from this, we made preparations to prepare our site in Ateneo to be part of the EGEE production grid. This involved getting certificates from the Asia Pacific Regional Operations Centre. We made certificate request to the Academia Sinica Grid Computing Center to make our site a trusted part of the grid.

With Min Tsai, Team Lead of Operations in ASGC

Invitation to Interlinks 4.0 and Launching of the Ateneo Innovation Center


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Hello from the Ateneo Innovation Center,

On March 14, we are holding Interlinks 4.0, where the Ateneo Science and Engineering students will present their recent Research results. Undergrad students and MS Students in fields of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering, Physics, and Health Science will present poster papers on their research. They will explain the many applications of their work to forming new high technology companies in the Philippines.

We are also launching the Ateneo Innovation Center, where we will be doing multi-disciplinary research in fields of interest to industry like new energy approaches – energy from algae, wireless logistics for supply chain management, wireless sensor systems for disaster monitoring., digital medical databases for patient monitoring, environmental cleanup using seaweed, new herbal medicines, and embedded software for gaming. Interlinks is the Ateneo’s focused effort to link Faculty driven research with industry’s need for leading edge technology and highly trained professionals.

We have invited Jim Paredes, Mon Isberto, Harvey Keh, and Paco Sandejas to speak in the why Not Forum style. They will give us short provocative talks on “How R&D and Technology is Critical to Success in their Fields”.

Of course the stars of Interlinks 4.0 are the Ateneo students and their contributions to Faculty driven Research. Many of these theses are highly innovative, so we are inviting many high technology companies and investment organizations to attend.

Please help us spread the word, by using your resources to advertise Interlinks 4.0.

Gregory Tangonan, PhD (goriot[at]mac[dot]com)
Ateneo Innovation Center

ICT4Health2008: Session on Medical Imaging, Instrumentation and Informatics

I will be facilitating/ moderating the second session of the International Symposium on ICT for Health. It will feature paper presentations on Medical Imaging, Instrumentation and Informatics. Below is the schedule of presentations and their titles:

  • 3:15pm – 3:45pm : J. Liu, J.H. Lim, D. Racoceanu, W.W.K. Damon and H. Li, “Leaking detection for medical image segmentation,” France and Singapore.
  • 3:45pm – 4:15pm : A. Gavino, P. Tolentino, A. Bernal and A. Marcelo,”Analysis of telereferrals from doctors-to-the-barrios sent via Short Messaging System,” Philippines.
  • 4:15pm – 4:40pm : R. Kunthy, Y. Urano, K. Marry and S. Socheat, “Pilot installation of e-health system connected from central hospital to rural community in Kandal Province, Cambodia distributed by wireless LAN network,” Japan.
  • 4:40pm – 5:05pm : J. Pabico, “A simple ant model for aligning sequences,” Philippines.
  • 5:05pm – 5:30pm : R.J. Miguel, V.M. Dizon, M. Abundo and L. Sison, “Bluetooth-enabled medical instrumentation,” Philippines.
  • edit: 5:30pm – 5:55pm : J. Milla, “Use of IT in a hospital setting: The Medical City case,” Philippines

Authors whose name are italicized are the ones who will conduct the presentation.

ICT4Health resulted from Ateneo’s collaboration with several partners from the ONCO-MEDIA project. Its main focus is to use grid computing technologies to support information retrieval operations on medical images using context. We hope that this event will facilitate generation of new partners from several institutions in the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Asia and France.

Additional program details of the session:

  • ICT4Health2008: Session on Medical Imaging, Instrumentation and Informatics
  • Session moderator: Allan Espinosa, Assistant Instructor, Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering Department, Ateneo de Manila University
  • Date: Friday 2008 February 29, 3:15pm – 5:30pm [add to your Google Calendar]
  • Venue: SOM 111 (Ching Tan Room), Ateneo de Manila University.[Google Maps]

Design and engineering of a supply chain management system for drug delivery applications

Day 2 of the 8th Philippine Computing Congress. I presented our deparment’s work on wireless logistics. It is a project commissioned by the Tropical Disease Foundation to monitor TB drug deliveries around the country.

Title: Design and engineering of a supply chain management system for drug delivery applications
Authors: A. Espinosa, N. Libatique, G. Tangonan, M. L. Guico, J. Wong, J. Marciano, J. Villeres


Using RFID technologies, this paper reports a proof-of-concept design
and deployment for tracking expensive medical supplies for
tuberculosis patients. The supply chain starts from the distribution
centers down to regional health units. The supply chain tracking
system features the novel use of an integrated subversion based
staging server to provide data synchronization between the various
distribution centers and a remote backend database.

Building and Benchmarking a New Beowulf Cluster for Grid Computing and Other Applications

I presented last Feb 23 a paper documenting the commissioning of our new Beowulf cluster. The 8th Philippine Computing Congress was held in University of the Philippines–Diliman. My presentation was held at the new Computer Science building (beside the EEE building).
Here is a short description of the paper:

Title: Building and Benchmarking a New Beowulf Cluster for Grid Computing and Other Applications
Authors: Allan Espinosa and Rafael Saldana


In this paper, we report our upgrade of our AGILA Beowulf cluster. Commodity desktop computers were used for the compute nodes. The server node was set-up as a high-end server class machine to house terabytes of data from the university’s scientific computing applications such as cellular automata, molecular dynamics, mesoscale climate modeling, and computational models requiring high performance computing infrastructures.

Embedded below is my presentation. Enjoy!

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ICT Asia presentation

The ICT-Asia is a program of the French government to foster cooperation and networking in research and training in ICT in Asia. Last November 18-22, they hosted their 5th conference in Taipei in cooperation with the National Science Council of Taiwan. The delegates were from France and other countries in Asia such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. It was a very good opportunity to network with fellow scientists from other countries in future research projects and collaborations.

I presented our department’s works in applying wireless networks for emergency response system in the seminar. This slide presentation is under the theme network infrastructure. The title of my talk is “Rapidly deployable disaster management systems”. Below are the slides that were used for the presentation.

I think the topic of my presentation was well received. It stimulated a lot of discussions and created a potential to forge partnerships and collaborations in future ICT Asia funding programs and other research proposals. If you are also interested in the presentation I presented above, feel free to contact me or any faculty member of the ECCE department.

Other talks from the Ateneo de Manila’s delegation was, “Medical image analysis and information retrieval with grid computing applications” presentated by Dr. Rafael Saldana of the Mathematics department, “Patient driven mobile phone-enabled medical health services” by Dr. Nathaniel Libatique of the ECCE department.

Thank you to Dr. Libatique for helping me build this presentation!