Correspondence on presidentiable’s science agenda

A few days ago, I sent facebook messages to all of the presidential candidates. It was hard to distinguish between fan-generated accounts and the real ones. Amazed by my own facebook stalking skills, I got replies from Dick Gordon and Eddie Villanueva. Here was my message to all of them:


I’m deciding on my ballot as an absentee voter. as a scientist, please point me to pages/documents about your science & innovation agenda. I sent this message to all the candidates’ facebook pages.

also, please make a response aside from “increase the R & D” budget. it’s like saying ‘world peace’ in a beauty pageant.

thank you

Response from Richard Gordon. Most of the initiatives he mentioned are highly googlable press articles. This guy know his technology stuff:

Allan, kindly look up track record on the net. My Subic cybercity program as well as GIS and GPS mapping implemented in the 90’s. Check also Project 143 and the geo-hazard mapping initiatives with the Red Cross to address disasters and calamities. V-12 program for Filipinos abroad to help promote tourism with telcos using sms is another initiative. Also go to www. for transcript of debates re my position on agricultural modernization, and ST and IT development. Thanks.

Response from Eddie Villanueva. I think the reply was referring to a section his platform page. Some of the party’s stand reitarated the current government’s policy such as mother tongue-based education. Also, I’m still waiting for a reply on the email address he gave in the response:

hello! please email your concern to
you may also want to visit for the information that you might need.

Bangon Pilipinas!

I will update this page as soon as I get a response from the other candidates, provided that it is their real facebook account that I corresponded to.


1 Response to “Correspondence on presidentiable’s science agenda”

  1. 1 George 2010 4月 26 3:12 pm

    Gordon ka na Allan!


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