Pasting Excel Charts in Word via Crossover Linux

Pasting a chart from MS Excel 2007 to Word 2007 will yield a To insert a chart, you must first close any open dialog boxes or cancel editing mode in Microsoft Office Excel error.  This bug is found in Crossover Linux Pro v8.0.0.  I assume that this will also occur in publicly available versions of Wine.

An alternative solution aside from booting to Windows is to use the Paste Special feature. Paste it as a Picture (Enhanced Metafile). This will preserve the vector information of the chart so zooming in and out of the document object wont’ be a problem.


1 Response to “Pasting Excel Charts in Word via Crossover Linux”

  1. 1 Cristobal 2010 9月 5 5:29 am

    Thanks a lot… It was very very useful!! but I have another problem with excel 2007 (on ubuntu) and charts.
    When I try to put a rotated title for the Primary vertical axis, all the words in the title appear one over the other, but if you change it to vertical or horizontal title all the words are displayed correctly. Do you know how could I solve that???


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