Technology for the masses’ sari-saris

The sari-sari store is a key economic and social installation in Filipino communities.  It allows the community easy access to basic good. The term sari-sari is Filipino for “various kinds”.  See more from its wikipedia entry.

Mark Ruiz of Hapinoy shares some updates on their company deploying a POS system for these sari-sari store. Technology is not only a key component in streamlining systems of today’s enterprises but it is also needed by people like Nanay Delia. Below is the image from his blog post:

Nanay Delia learning a Point-of-Sale System for her Sari-Sari Store. Whatever doubts of the applicability of technology for the smallest unit of retail were laid to rest after the training session. The potential of becoming more efficient in pricing controls, inventory management, and accounting were key benefits that were very much appreciated. [description from Mark Ruiz blog.

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