Site reorganization

I have decided to separate my personal (actually it’s more technical and highly niched) blog to my academic pages. The following are the other pages that I maintain:

  • Course pages-separating the course page into a more structured manner and editing with low level access allows me more flexibility in terms of organizing content per course.  As a non-mouse person (some one who does not like moving the cursor very much), I find coding a few lines of html easier than going all through the menus of WordPress’ page manager.  A snippet of my research interests and publications are also included in the page for people to see what I have been working on for the past few years.
  • Research page-As of now, this page basically contains my faculty profile with respect to the ECCE deparment site.  I decided to post most of the updates of my research work such as publications, slide presentations here so that the department can easily reorganize content of the entire site.  Plus a wiki structure provides facilities for internal groupware collaboration.  Thus we can easily fork internal proposals into full-length presentations for public consumption.

Another feature in my research and course pages is the integration of online document and presentation viewers. No need to download the entire presentation for a preview! Most of the presentations in the pages above either came from Google Docs or Zoho Office.  I used the prototype AJAX libraries to asynchronously load the presentation on my pages.  I hope to give a more pleasurable user experience for people visiting my course and research pages.


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Allan M. Espinosa

Currently based in Tokyo, Japan
DevOps Engineer at Rakuten, Inc.