ICT Asia presentation

The ICT-Asia is a program of the French government to foster cooperation and networking in research and training in ICT in Asia. Last November 18-22, they hosted their 5th conference in Taipei in cooperation with the National Science Council of Taiwan. The delegates were from France and other countries in Asia such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Taiwan. It was a very good opportunity to network with fellow scientists from other countries in future research projects and collaborations.

I presented our department’s works in applying wireless networks for emergency response system in the seminar. This slide presentation is under the theme network infrastructure. The title of my talk is “Rapidly deployable disaster management systems”. Below are the slides that were used for the presentation.

I think the topic of my presentation was well received. It stimulated a lot of discussions and created a potential to forge partnerships and collaborations in future ICT Asia funding programs and other research proposals. If you are also interested in the presentation I presented above, feel free to contact me or any faculty member of the ECCE department.

Other talks from the Ateneo de Manila’s delegation was, “Medical image analysis and information retrieval with grid computing applications” presentated by Dr. Rafael Saldana of the Mathematics department, “Patient driven mobile phone-enabled medical health services” by Dr. Nathaniel Libatique of the ECCE department.

Thank you to Dr. Libatique for helping me build this presentation!


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  1. 1 Villagers rely on rain gauges at R-squared トラックバック (2008 1月 24 12:04 am)



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