On iPods and being struck by lightning…

I just arrived in our department from a VoIP appreciation seminar in the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI). Sir Paul, our secretary said that Dr. Toby Dayrit (the Dean) is looking for some faculty in the ECCE department to explain the relationship of the probability of being struck by lightning by wearing an iPod. Apparently all our PhD faculty were not yet available so they sent me (Yay!).

An article was posted in the Manila Standard and in other online news sites.  Sol Aragones of ABS-CBN News interviewed me to shed some light.  My blockmate, Gim uploded snippet of the TV Patrol report on YouTube.

Sol said I speak in Filipino because TV Patrol is a show for the masses.  I was very tempted to say nadagitab (to be electrocuted).  Just as the news article said, electronic/ conductive devices in your body excarbate the damage done by being struck by lightning.  I also gave a precautionary message about being in lightning prone areas.  Avoid them during stormy weather specially today in the Philippine’s rainy season.  To get out in case of such a situation (e.g an open field), drop and lie down to decrease your probability of being struck by lightning.

Edit: The report seemed to stress that there is an increased probability in getting hit by lighting when one has an electronic device (e.g. an iPod). There is no correlation between the two. If you are in a open field, most likely you will be struck by lightning whether you are wearing an iPod or not.

Thank you to Dr. Dayrit who referred the Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering Department’s knowledge and Sir Paul for sending me to the Dean’s office.

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6 Responses to “On iPods and being struck by lightning…”

  1. 2 hip2b2 2007 7月 19 9:03 am

    Wow. Showbiz! But seriously the probability of getting electrocuted with or without an ipod when hit by lightning will have the same effect. Of course, the electro-magnetic field created by ipod should not be much… more chances of emitting a stronger field with a cellphone right?

  2. 4 Allan Espinosa 2007 7月 19 7:18 pm

    Yes, I highly agree William since iPods only transmit up to 20kHz stereo sound signals and they don’t have transmitters.

  3. 5 chloe 2007 7月 23 8:07 pm

    wow, i got worried. kasi naman rain or shine (or kahit nga natutulog), naka-ipod pa rin ako hehehe. yiheee si allan, nasa tv..:p

  4. 6 nai 2007 8月 1 8:59 pm

    ngayon ko lang nakita post na ‘to! *starstruck* hehehe



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